I am now taking new students in the greater Nashville area and Columbia, TN as well as around the globe via Skype.

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Ree is an amazing voice coach in that she does not only know how to communicate vocal knowledge effectively and efficiently but also performs very well herself. I have been studying with renowned classical voice coaches back in Hong Kong and some other established institutes such as Complete Vocal Technique and Singing Success, I am confident to say that Ree’s approach is on par with a lot of the top coaches out there.
— Guddy Chan, professional singer and vocal coach from Hong Kong


I specialize in teaching healthy voice technique for popular music and helping singers find more vocal freedom within, to better express themselves.

As an experienced singer songwriter and lead vocalist of several bands, I bring a lot of real world experience to my students, and can help you hone your performance skills, improve your songs, gain a better mindset, and lose those inhibitions that are holding you back! My approach is holistic and my training is based in vocal science. Having a diverse musical history ranging from pop, r&b, punk, emo, folk, indie, to big band, classical, musical theater, and black gospel, I am able to understand and teach students within the style that they feel most passionate about. I also work with students interested in improving their speaking voice.

Education & Experience

  • Over the last 20 years, I have studied voice under several fabulous coaches, who have taught artists such as Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Beiber, Hayley Williams and Michael Jackson.
  • I've been teaching private voice lessons for 12+ years, to a huge variety of clients from ages 4-73. 
  • B.A. with Vocal Emphasis from Grand Canyon University, with courses in music, acting and public speaking.
  • Graduate of the BAST course, taught by Nashville vocal coach Lisa Haupert, who has studied with the world's leading vocal scientist Ingo Titze.
  • Member of Nashville Vocal Coach Collective, learning continuously from many other coaches from all traditions of vocal education.
  • Singer Songwriter for 15+ years, performing solo and with various bands throughout the US, China, Canada, Mexico and Thailand.
  • 3rd Place Winner in The Voice of Shunde competition in Shunde, China in 2015.
  • Mentor for abuse survivors and an avid learner about psychology and healing the wounds to our psyche. It began as a journey for myself and has wonderfully carried over into my work with vocal students.

My Mission

To inspire my students to believe in the power of their voice and equip them with the tools needed to gain control and confidence, to better express themselves in their own unique way in the world.

I'd love to help you find your voice and the inner strength to let it be heard!


Some of my students...