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Guddy Chan, Singer and Vocal Coach from Hong Kong

"Ree is an amazing voice coach in that she does not only know how to communicate vocal knowledge effectively and efficiently but also performs very well herself. I have been studying with renowned classical voice coaches back in Hong Kong and some other established institutes such as Complete Vocal Technique and Singing Success, I am confident to say that Ree’s approach is on par with a lot of the top coaches out there."

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Paul Krauss, a songwriter from the band PAWL

"I have been writing songs for over 18 years. I always found myself with a limited range in my singing and it was holding me back from writing new types of songs for my new album releases. Ree helped me change my entire approach to singing. Now it is more effortless. I have written 3 different groups of songs that will soon be 3 albums--all my collaborators and friends have stated that they are my most vocally exciting and dynamic to date. Her techniques helped me sing in different ways that have expanded my songwriting! Thank you Ree!"


Monique Verdin, a worship leader from Phoenix

"I've recently finished my second month of vocal coaching with Ree and I'm incredibly grateful for the the things I've since discovered and learned about my singing. She introduced me to sounds and techniques I'd never knew I could use. I'm gaining confidence and a beautiful sound. I have to add my lessons are via Skype and it's really no difference to being in person she takes the time and really works out my strengths and weaknesses as well as fine tuning my sound. Thank you Ree!"

Leah from Pittsburgh, PA

"I can't recommend Ree highly enough!! She is absolutely phenomenal to work with. Ree is really passionate about the science of the voice and is very educated on the subject of singing.  She also has the special ability to convey complex concepts to you in simple and understandable ways. She has extensive experience in applying her knowledge as a practicing performer. She spent years in her own bands and writes her own music. This allows Ree to be able to provide you a unique perspective.
I take vocal lessons online with Ree via Skype..."

Dhaval from San Francisco, CA

"Online Voice Coaching sessions with Ree really helped me achieve high levels of clarity and power in my communication style. English is my 2nd language and I often speak in 2 languages on a given day.  Additionally, I've to communicate technical findings at work and they are not easy to understand in the first place. With Ree's coaching, I am able to have the nuances of diction, which is helping me become a very professional communicator. I also noticed that my confidence to communicate complex topics went through the roof after Ree's coaching because I had the vocal support and power I needed in my communication. Ree is one of the most positive coaches I've worked with...She created a supportive and positive environment to help me as I developed my vocal capabilities. Highly recommend you try a session with Ree to see what your voice is capable of..."

Dee from Phoenix, AZ

"Ree is a great vocal teacher (and person). She shares good techniques and strategies, is encouraging, and individualizes her instruction. I was impressed with the way she thought about my needs and prepared for each session with me. Ree helped me begin the process of overcoming anxiety about singing in front of other people. She helped me work on the mental / emotional side of singing as well as the physical side."

Ocean from Nashville, TN

"Ree has been absolutely wonderful for me! I've been singing for fun for most of my life now, and then I decided to finally take some formal lessons. I'm only really a beginner, so I naturally have a hard time understanding a lot of the technique behind great singing. Thankfully, Ree is a patient person! Whenever we get to an exercise that I have a hard time practicing on, she's able to find other ways to alter that exercise to give me what I need in order to improve. What I really enjoy about these lessons as well is that she gives very clear explanations on why & how certain exercises help improve and stabilize you. Even after a few lessons, I was able to tell that my technique was improving!"


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