Guddy Chan, Singer and Vocal Coach from Hong Kong

"Ree is an amazing voice coach in that she does not only know how to communicate vocal knowledge effectively and efficiently but also performs very well herself. I have been studying with renowned classical voice coaches back in Hong Kong and some other established institutes such as Complete Vocal Technique and Singing Success, I am confident to say that Ree’s approach is on par with a lot of the top coaches out there."

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Paul Krauss, Singer Songwriter with PAWL from Phoenix

"I have been writing songs for over 18 years. I always found myself with a limited range in my singing and it was holding me back from writing new types of songs for my new album releases. Ree helped me change my entire approach to singing. Now it is more effortless. I have written 3 different groups of songs that will soon be 3 albums--all my collaborators and friends have stated that they are my most vocally exciting and dynamic to date. Her techniques helped me sing in different ways that have expanded my songwriting! Thank you Ree!"

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Raquel Telfer, Singer Songwriter from Nashville

"I have been with Ree for 1 and a half years, and started with zero vocal training or tools. Ree has taught me so much and has given me great experience and confidence in my singing and performance!"


Emmaus, Musical Theater Performer from Brentwood, TN

"This summer I decided to finally take voice lessons and came across Ree Boado on I was nervous about finding a coach online, but after talking on the phone and meeting in person, I knew she was a great fit. I felt very comfortable and relaxed when working with her. Not only does she have a warm welcoming personality, but also was a huge help and knew how to tailor each session to my vocal growth. Even after our session was over, she worked hard to research helpful information to improve my vocal abilities for the next session. Ree Boado helped me strive to meet my potential, either at her home studio or over Skype. I have found my time working with her to be well spent and well worth it! I’d encourage anyone who is interested in voice lessons to use Ree Boado!"

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John Freeman, Broadcaster for Nashville Soccer Club

"As the TV play by play announcer for Nashville Soccer Club on ESPN+, I was quite skeptical of how voice lessons could help me in my profession, but I decided to give some a try with Ree. I’m so glad I did!
From the very first minute, I knew that Ree was invested and interested in helping me improve. She took such a calculated and smart approach towards developing my broadcast voice. She started by analyzing my past broadcasts, learning what I was trying to achieve, and then testing where the current status of my voice. After that, she had me perform a bunch of exercises that improved my breathing, range, vocal integrity and inflection.
Some of the exercises were so alien to me at the beginning but they forced me reach outside of my comfort range and understand the mechanics of my voice. She also helped me develop a full 30 minute warm up that I perform before every broadcast. I’m so thankful to have found her as I’ve noticed a huge difference between broadcasts.
Besides her skill as a coach, she’s a delight to be around. So warm and encouraging, even when my voice would crack during a new exercise. I took both in-person (you have to meet her dog Gus) and online lessons and found no difference in the quality. I’d recommend her to any of my industry colleagues!"

Wendi from Nashville, TN

"Ree is a rare gem in the world of vocal coaches in Music City and beyond. Her expertise, method of instruction, and understanding of how and why the voice works make her one of the most gifted coaches I have encountered. We found her when looking for a vocal coach for our 14-year-old daughter who was new to singing and extremely shy. We knew we found a match when Ree explained her philosophy of teaching--that learning to sing is more than becoming a great singer but about personal growth, confidence, and self-esteem. What is more perfect for a younger person or any person, than that? Since beginning lessons with Ree, our daughter has truly blossomed in her vocal capability, her confidence and her understanding that she has a lot to offer as a performer and a person. Ree is patient, understanding of the courage it takes to find your voice and enthusiastic about teaching the art and craft of singing and song. I would recommend Ree to a seasoned professional, the beginner and the person who wants to sing and believes that they cannot. Trust me--you can sing and Ree will get you there."

Alex from Boise, ID

"Sign up with Ree before anyone else finds out about her! I am a medical doctor in Idaho and I see her every week via Skype. She has enabled my voice to do things I never thought it could do. I was very bashful about singing in front of people, and my goal was to gain confidence that I sound good enough to not feel embarrassed or ashamed of my voice. It's only been since Christmas, but I am already singing in front of friends and family--having fun! I believe within this year, I will be living my dream of performing in front of audiences with my little brother--a professional performer in Las Vegas. I didn't believe this could really be happening! Ree's mindful presence, attention to detail, never-ending encouragement, sincere emotional investment in me are only a few of her endless talents. By the way, have you heard her sing on youtube yet!?? She does not have to be doing this people. We are lucky!!" -Alex Wills, MD -- Boise, Idaho 

Naresh from San Francisco, CA

"Ree has been coaching me for almost a year and her attention and presence is amazing. She designs each lesson in such a way that it really exceeds your expectations. When you learn from Ree, your voice will improve and that improves your communication with people around you, which changes everything in your life. I signed up for vocal lessons and ended up getting more than expected. More confidence and empowerment though my voice!"

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