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Higher Than the City

by Ree Boado

Here's my new single Higher Than The City!

This song was written about my experience in Mexico City working with kids and adults living on the streets, as I was a part of a documentary filming, scheduled for release later this year. 

The first verse is about 2 kids I met. One was a sweet girl named Guadalupe who was only 16, had a 3 year old, and a baby on the way. They lived in a homemade house made with sheets strewn up like a tent, under a bridge. Then there was a teenage boy named Junior who was so outgoing and full of life, but super addicted to huffing deadly solvents. He wanted to be a rapper and he made me laugh and cry, because I didn't want him to die.

The 2nd verse is about a man named Alfonso who had so much joy. He had been on the streets for so many years. He told me that "You have to thank God every single day, many times a day. He is keeping me alive." He carried a Bible around and seriously brought me to tears when he told me this. I felt that my problems couldn't be that impossible if this man here had learned about gratitude in the most dire situations of life. He has since passed away from Parkinson's Disease, but his memory will live on for all of us that knew him. 

These people really touched me in a lasting way. To be up close with the poor, to see their joy in the midst of a deep sorrow in the eyes, is not something you quickly forget. We are all human, with hopes for life entwined with sorrows. Though many pass them on the streets, they are not invisible. 


Enjoy the song. 


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